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Meet Us


Braulia Guzmán
Lead Childcare Provider

 Braulia was born and raised in Chihuahua, México. She has two children, and two beautiful grand daughters, and a mother she loves and cares for. When first moved to California she worked for 14 years as supervisor at the 49ers Stadium. Once she found her passion for kids she became a nanny for Law Enforcement parents and families for 12 years. Ever since, she's been involved in children's care, growth and development. Braulia loves teaching children through stories and songs about her culture and family values. She has a calm, grounded energy and a loving spirit. Braulia loves to take care of her family and she also enjoys cooking, beauty, wellness and traveling. 



Deva Delgado

of Mariposa Bilingual DaycareLLC 


Childcare provider and mom of one.  Deva was born and raised in Puerto Rico

 in a bilingual home, learning Spanish and English at the same time. She studied drawing, painting & sculpture in the School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico. After moving to CA  & volunteering as a Doula at the San Francisco Homeless Prenatal Program, her journey for the love of babies began.

Deva enjoys spending time in nature with her son, reading, writing, art and traveling. 


Isabel Menjivar
Daycare Provider 

Isabel is an energetic and dedicated mother of two. She has a sweet, kind manner with children and loves to sing to them traditional children's songs. Her native language is Spanish, she is an amazing chef, and has more than 10 years of experience caring for children in her small home town in Honduras. 


Daycare Provider 

Paloma has a passion for working with children. Her sweet, kind presence makes her a natural caregiver. She loves to read to them and make them laugh. She enjoys reading books and riding horses. Her aspiration is to become a pediatrician and provide care for children in underprivileged communities.

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